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My oven is working! Yay! All I need are chocolate chips and I can start its maiden (with me) voyage with cookies. Yum!

Self Realization Ahoy!

While watching various Disney songs on Youtube last night I realized something whist watch "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid. When I was younger I was scared/creeped out by Ursala and her jigglyness and bouncy boobs.

Now that I'm older I've realized:

I have Ursala's jigglyness and bouncy boobs.

Life is weird.


I am sick. I hate being sick, especially this close to Halloween and my birthday.

I know its not the flu or I would be good friends with the porcelain god right about now, and we are only casual acquaintances at the moment. I believe its just a cold, and maybe something I ate.

The Stomach People are trying to come to a truce with the Intestine Clan, but negotiations are not going well, especially with the biological weapons they are both giving off. The Blood Nation is all hot and bothers by this turn of events and is trying to send in help but to no avail. Hopefully they can all get along tomorrow for Halloween, or I will be really bummed out.

Heaven is a couch

This is from Facebook yesterday and is probably the best thing I've done in a while.

EN & AH - friends, EN was the originator of this.  Her first line was a status update.
Me - Me, duh!

EN:  is marveling at God's mysterious ways... this time, in the form of a free couch from heaven (well, actually from the United Methodist Church of Kent). Exactly what she wanted, exactly when she needed it! :D

AH:  And the Lord said "let there be couch" and there was couch at the United Methodist Church, the church deemed holy enough by God to have couch. And the Lord looked upon couch and saw that couch was good. And the Lord said "this is my couch given for you for naps and movie nights." The people saw, and rejoiced.

EN:  And the people praised God, saying, "Blessed is He who comes and giveth couch!"

(and this is the part where I go to Hell)

Me:  A product of my 1am deranged mind

Our father who art in heaven
Ikea be thy name
Thy movie night come
Thy nap will be done
On earth as it is on the couch
Give us this day our daily comfort
And forgive us our spillages
As we forgive those who spill against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from folding chairs
For thine is the couch, the sofa set, and the ottoman
Forever and ever

Scare at Walmart

I don't usually stare, judge people, or go "Oh My GOD what was she thinking!", but I kinda had to yesterday when I went to Walmart.  I got another FM transmitter since the one I was using was a piece of crap.  I got in the express line for people with 12 or less items.  The cashier was Oh My God!  She was an older woman, but her age was "unable to determine."  She was wearing so much makeup.  It looked like Tammy Faye Baker had gotten into Bozo's makeup kit.  She had no eyebrows to speak of so she drew them in.  With what looked like eyeliner.  It looked as though she had 15 coats of mascara and 3 coats of eyeliner on.  Really bright pink blush and bright red lipstick which was lined with a liner 3 shades darker.  It was horrendous and yet hilariously funny.

Edit:  I found her!  Here!  She's nice but you can't  . . . stop . . . looking


Things you don't want to find whilst changing your pillowcases:

a dead spider.  inside your pillowcase.


I don't drink enough

I don't have enough alcohol. Nope, not enough at all. /sarcasm

All I have is:
1/2 a bottle of chocolate vodka
Almost full bottle of Baileys
Full bottle (750 mL) of Strawberry vodka
Full bottle (750 mL) of Apple Pie cordial made from vodka.

Nope, not enough at all.

Truthfully, minus the cordial cause its GOOOOOOOD, all this alcohol will probably last me until next year and possibly beyond.

Things I've sewn

Talking to a friend today I have realized how much I've sewn and just how many projects I've done since coming to Akron, and not all of them have been Renaissance Faire related, though most of them are.

Skirt (gored light blue/beige)
Sideless surcote
Renaissance skirt (light blue)
Travel Bag for car
Parasol holder
Chemise (for Cathy)
Elizabethan Corset (for Cathy)
Elizabethan Corset (in progress)
Corset (beige, too big)
Corset (test, no boning)
Victorian Skirt (in progress)

2 Renaissance skirts (red and blue)
Renaissance dress (light blue)
Cathy's skirt
Chemise (replaced neck elastic with ribbon)

Add to that list the other craft type projects and the projects I plan on doing, and its a lot. I suppose that if I had friends or a boyfriend here I would have not done so much, but there is a trade off. I have gotten better at sewing and am improving my ability to deviate from a pattern. I have had the urge to offer my services to others and make other people things, but I don't think I am that good just yet. Maybe custom sized chemises like the one i made for Cathy. I think I will see how long it takes to make a basic one, without stopping and thinking myself crazy, and see how much fabric it takes, etc. Maybe actually sell them. I don't know. Maybe after I move to Jamestown and things settle down and my finances get better. We shall see!

Time, Flies, and Fruit

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies stick to peanut butter.

How do I know this new take on an old saying? Personal experience.

For the past 2 weeks my kitchen has been invaded by those oh so annoying things called fruit flies. From whence they came I haven't a clue,but I wish they would go back. They are notoriously hard to kill, due to their high dexterity score and other attributes, but I gotten down from 10+ to about 4. Today I was making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with homemade grape jelly. While spreading the PB on one side of the sandwich a fruitfly came into my sight, so since I didn't want it anywhere near me and had my hands full, I blew a puff of air to make it go away.

And it did.

Right onto my sandwich, in the peanut butter.


Steampunk Plans

I have just currently gotten into the whole Steampunk scene, but I have high plans for a costume. Currently I have these projects to do/want to do. Most are on hold indefinitely because of monies/lack of skills/lack of tools/lack of a place to do them.

Outfit (skirt and top)
Communications box/purse

Hat: I have yet to actually get one, but I want to keep it semi-cheap because of what I'm going to do to it. Hopefully I will be able to pull it off, since I don't look real good in hats. I am looking for either a mini-top hat, a Victorian riding hat, or a top hat that isn't too tall. I found the perfect one on ebay, but $ was in the way. I am going to punch a small hole in the front so that a clock movement part can be inserted through to the front of the hat. I'm going to put a clock on a hat that actually works! Probably not a new idea but I am going to surround it with aged paper squares along with the face of the clock. I will also make paper flowers to add decoration to the hat. The paper I'm going to get from a reprint of the Sear catalog from 1908 that I have.

Outfit: I found two Truly Victorian patterns that I love. They will go well together, They are more formal than I am seeing in a lot of Steampunk, but any character I would play would have to be a bit prim and proper, since I am not the outgoing type and cannot pull off a character like that. The top (Truly Victorian 405 - 1872 Vest Basque) is beautiful. its on piece but looks like a vest and jacket combo. The jacket I would do in the black velvet-type fabric I have (link). The vest, collar, and cuffs I would do in this beautiful peacock and pink/purple brocade Mom and I found (link). The skirt is beautiful as well (Truly Victorian 225 - 1878 Fantail Skirt). I would do the skirt in this satin fabric Mom found at church that the sewing ladies are letting me have. I am not sure on ornamentation yet, since I would be doing the floor length and not the one with a train. I would also have a petticoat. All I need is a patter or directions for this. I found a sheet at Goodwill that will work well, and has a decorative edge that would be neat on the bottom.

Communications box/purse: This is going to be the most complicated part of my outfit. While thinking of my character I got to thinking on what position I would like to have on a ship. After dismissing the normal positions you hear about, I came up with Communication Officer/Specialist. It actually came to me after seeing a pic of someones steampunked bluetooth headset. In movies/tv you see people with their radios and headsets, so decided to do a smaller and steampunkier version. It will not be functional since I am not that mechanically inclined. I got a headset of my own (not bluetooth, just a normal one seen here) and spray painted it with a hammered metal spray paint. I also didn't know where I would put things if I went to a convention or something, so the box would have to double as a purse. I came across the almost perfect box at hobby lobby. It even had corner things that I can reuse. This next section may get confusing so bear with me. I am going to cut the top so that it either looks pretty or just like a window/shadow box type of thing. I am then going to get a piece of wood to fit in the top so it has a backing. On that backing I am going to put and do many things which range from complicated to simple to make it look like you are looking into the innards of a working radio. Hopefully I will find a working battery operated FM radio to cannibalize and insert into the box so I can listen to something. The outside side facing up will have nobs and dials for fiddling and looking like I know what I'm doing, and will have label of amplitude, frequency, etc. One will, hopefully, control the tuning of the radio. On the back will be a little raised section with an aged pic of the world with either the telegraph lines or air space on it from my computer. Along the top of that I will have a quote printed out in Morse code. Right now I'm partial to "You can't stop the signal." One side will have a Panic! button on it. I would get working onto this project but I do not have the right tools for the job. Plus I don't think my neighbors would appreciate the smell of stain/polyurethane at 1 in the morning.

Gun: The gun was an impulse. Most Steampunkers have some sort of gun. I saw it in Wal-Mart and thought it was cool. I am getting there on it, but laziness and lack of light has reared its ugly head. It looks cool at the moment though. Even though my character is turning into a bit of a Lady, in the Steampunk world, no one should be without a weapon.

Updates will come as they come, stay tuned for more!