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Smoldering Rage

Its been . . . 3 weeks . . . since this happened and it still amkes me rage whenever I think about it.

Let me set the stage:
July 17. Celtic weekend at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire is Rock Creek, OH. Girls weekend for me and my friends, which consists of me, Daria, Rachel (Daria's sister), and Emily. All of us are dressed in our best Renaissance outfits that won't have us keeling over in the heat and humidity. Daria's outfit at this point consists of a chemise, pants, and a black waist cincher all made or tailored by me.

Now the story:
All of us are walking around, enjoying our day, looking at all of the cool things to buy and look at, cause there are a lot of shinies to look at. Much fun was had, we all got to dance at Lady Ophelia's dance, we looked around, talked about the things we wanted to improve about our outfits, noraml ren faire things. Daria and Emily get distracted by a nice looking corset and we all go into the shop to browse their wares. The shop is Renaissance Fashions - Fine Ladies Apparel. They had chemises and victorian corsets. Both Emily and Daria are intrigued by the very pointy corset on display. They start talking to the salesman, with me wishing to go somewhere else, since I like what I have on and have no intention on paying for something I could make myself. I am standing with them listening to the salesman extol the virtues of his corsets, when he decided to insult the wiast cincher that Daria is wearing. He calls it, "an ugly black bag". Now i know the stuff I make is not perfect, and I could do better now since I have learned things since I made it last year, but that is not the way to sell your product. Daria sees my face, and tells the guy that he just insulted me. He back pedals sooooooo fast! He says that he said that becasue he is a corset conissouer. Ha! Corset snob is more like it.

Looking back I wish I had just left the shop, but I wanted to see my friends try on the spiky corset since that is what we came in there for. I am still fuming, what right did he have to insult something someone was wearing? For all he knew she had made it herself and was really proud of it. And its not a bad waist cincher, it looks nice, has good boning, and she like it a lot. I will never step foot in that store again, and have dissuaded thos I know from going in there as well.

And I think it will still make my blood boil months from now.



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