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Steampunk Update

So, yeah, a Steampunk Update. Please refer to last post for anything confusing.

Christmas saw me gaining the gift of the two Truly Victorian patterns that i wanted. I believe that they will go together well, even though they are historically 2 years apart. I had planned to get started right away on my outfit, but life and Renaissance garb ideas got in the way. I made a pink (yes I said pink) kirtle for the Ren Faires I go to. As I was fiddling with fitting problems, I realized that I will need to make a few mock ups before I create my proper Steampunk outfit since I have so little of the faux velvet to work with. While pondering this, having little motivation, and looking at all the meet ups others were having I came up with a grand idea.

The Chautauqua Movement was an important part of the Victorian era in the United States. I've been to Chautauqua Institution. It would be cool to have a meet up, during the summer, for people from Ohio, Penn., and New York. I could organize it, and it would be a blast. They have some really nice architecture, and its just a fun place to walk around and visit for an afternoon. Genius! Unfortunately it will have to wait until next year, since being unemployed and broke doesn't work well with outings like this, and all of my fun money is going to Ren. Faires this year.

That is also when I realized that the outfit I am planning to make, in the fabrics I have, would not do well at all in the summer. I found some pretty fabrics that will be pretty, and cool, for an outfit. It will also be a sort of test for the proper one. I think THIS for the body and the skirt (minus ruffles and embellishment) and THIS for the vest inset and cuffs will look real pretty together. Since Steampunk is greater technology than the Victorians had it is only natural that they have better and more complex fabric making and dying ability, so my patterns would not look too out of place. About 6 yards of the scroll and 1 yard of the bright pink should do it. I am going to wait a bit till I get done with a project for my cousin and till I'm done making Renaissance Faire things. Also for a better coupon to come through from Jo-Anns.



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